Immigration Detention Centers (ICE)

Immigration detention is the unjust and inhumane practice of incarcerating immigrants while they await a determination of their immigration status or potential deportation. The U.S. has been known for detaining over two million people in prisons and jails and this action has become a part of the societal norm of America.

What is ICE?

ICE is the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The goal of ICE is to prevent terrorism and combat the illegal movement of people and trade.

What does ICE do?

ICE oversees border patrol and is responsible for policing the country’s borders. They enforce the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy by arresting, detaining, and deporting adults who illegally enter the U.S. separating them from their families. ICE captures illegal and undocumented citizens who came to America to escape countries where they faced assault, genocide, and many more forms of abuse and unacceptance.

Why is ICE bad?

ICE has a major record of abuse. People are deprived of their liberty, denied access to lawyers, separated from their families and loved ones, and are subject to severe medical neglect. Allowed inhumane human rights violations at ICE detention centers; including denial of medicare, sexual assault, and reports of physical beatings, pepper spray, and racial slurs

The U.S. ICE system locks up survivors of torture, people seeking asylum, visa holders, people who have been granted the permanent right to live in the U.S., people who have lived here for years and may have American citizen spouses and children, individuals with mental health and medical conditions and other vulnerable groups including pregnant women and families with children — even babies

Letters from ICE detainees expose desperate prison conditions admid coronavirus pandemic

“Please, help us obtain our freedom. … It’s so dangerous these days, we find ourselves between life and death. We don’t want to be the victims of this ruthless virus, and here, in these conditions, really it’s just a matter of time.”

“I’m going to ask to be deported. Because being locked in this place there’s no peace, not psychologically or emotionally.”

“The fact that we are migrants doesn’t give them the right to treat us like criminals. … I’ve been detained for five months in this center with my lung condition and problems with my liver. Do you think that proper nutrition for a sick person is bread and ham every day?”

“I’ve seen things and lived things that no other person should have to live through. They put me into quarantine to see if I was carrying Covid-19 and from there, they only took us out for 20 minutes to bathe and make a phone call … 14 days of quarantine.”

ICE is terrible, dreadful, horrendous and many other things i can’t describe!

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